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Systemic Coaching  – Leadership training

This self improvement and self knowing seminar is based on Systemic Coaching. The coach collaborates with the coachee and asks questions in order  to define the topic and then determine a plan of  resolution.

This work is for executives who work with groups of people and wish to achieve maximum collaboration. It’s also for self development in  personal enterprises.
This is an approach applied with families, it’s for social purposes and it is also used for the exploration of  various roles such as the mother’s role etc.

The personal benefit that one gets from this seminar is the recognition of ”where I am now” ”where I want to go” and ”how can I make use of this technique” and ”how can I make the most out of  the 10 steps technique”
discovered and applied by the ancient philosofer Socrates, who actually was the first Coach Leader in history.

We learn how to take responsibility of our choices, how to be in our integrity, in our wisdom  and conscience, which are Socrates’s life principles.

We observe they ways we form those principles, how  we put them in action and how  we shape them up according to each individual so that they can be mirrored in the whole group.
We learn, in detail, the 10 steps that need to be followed in order for us to  improve and change our inner self so that our final aim  can be reached.

During the course we learn how to evaluate an eventual situation as well as how to determine the action plan that is required  for the achievement of our aim, after having estimated  the time  and the distance separating us from the final goal.

”The action I am going to take on, has to do with the steps which are required,  so that I can create a connection that will be  bridging the gap between me and  my aim, by using the strategic success model. ”

In this self knowing process we learn about  the concept of group culture how it gets shaped and how it can change. We also learn how to introduce a coaching culture into a company, how to maintain it and what is the Leader Coach’s function in it and how the human potential can be used in order for the best possible result to be achieved.

We begin to consider the social cycle and the cycle of our friends estimating whether we have the same culture or not and how  this factor acts as a support or as an obstacle  to our personal   empowerment and development.

This insight is so important that from now on we are going to use it as a criterion in choosing friends, colleagues and life companions. ”I think that I safeguard the awareness that I am the one who carries the seriousness or the lightheartedness of my choices!”

”My personal benefit  is that I become more insightful about the values I own, which  of them I apply in day to day life and, mainly, whether I live my life denying some of them or not”.

The general knowledge that we get from the Coaching teachings is mainly to do with the way that this science stimulates our mind so that it becomes positively activated.

It sets in motion the changes that need to be made in order for us to live a happy and fulfilled life.aiming at the discovery of our true self by sheding light on the qualities of our heart and soul.